PCK History

Resulting of gathering some experts from different industrial companies, PCK established in 1999 to take part in a wide range of engineering and manufacturing activities.

The idea of forming PCK came into existence due to lack of the principle link in the chain of Iran industrial projects. This link is a specialized coordinating entity, which is capable to :

  • Breakdown a complex project to a wide range of industrial professions;
  • Select the best qualified contractors;
  • Manage subcontractors by proper planning, monitoring and control in order to finish the project on time, cost and quality, according to accepted codes and standards.
  • Supplying financials resources for projects.
  • Transfer know-how and technologies from international companies.

Many small but strong manufacturers take part in industrial activities. Their main difficulty is to understand project requirements via standards, and also preparing documents comply with client needs. PCK major role is to remove this gap between clients and contractors so that a complex project is provided by ordinary and small contractors.

The core of PCK team is organized to perform project management. As a principle concept, project management includes planning, executing, monitoring and control. PCK tends to do planning, monitoring and control by itself and outsource the execution of project activities.

Outsourcing is the basis of specialization. Therefore, Although PCK has technical knowledge for the project manufacturing and constructing activities, but it ignores entering this field in order to perform project management professionally.

To gain this goal, PCK employs various kinds of software and hardware resources to perform management process properly.

Our profession is project management and we are fundamentally familiar with a project process. To organize a team, we acquire the best technical experts according to the job field. The combination of our technical knowledge and project experts would lead any project to success.

– Our motto is : “You name it, we’ll do it.”