EPC Services

As a General Contractor (GC), PCK is rendering services required in projects life cycle such as primary studies, consultation and engineering services, management, Procurement, Construction, commissioning and handover to the clients; In order to achieve this target, we will establish and maintain good communication with our stakeholders and business partners on a mutually beneficial basis.

PCK is prepared to present and render its services at all phases of activities for industrial projects in accordance with the internationally practiced code and standards and in conformity with updated QA/QC procedure for :

  • . Project Management and Supervisory
  • Feasibility Studies
  • . Conceptual, Basic and Detail
  • Engineering
  • . Supplying Financials Resources
  • . Procurement Engineering
  • . Procurement Services
  • . Fabrication and Construction
  • Works
  • . Erection and Commissioning Works
  • Inspection
  • . Repair and Refurbishment Works
  • . Local Fabrication Management
  • . Safety and Environmental Studies